Build your new financial service on a proven, secure Core Banking Software
Minimise the time and cost in bringing your product to market

Hosted solution with all security, monitoring and backups included
All required features and functions built in
You define the user experience and the customer-facing services

A SaaS Core Banking Platform for the Fintech sector

Are you a Financial Institution with a new product or service in mind? Say an EMI, PSP, API, FX Broker, MTO, Marketplace, Institutional Broker or simply responsible for looking after other people’s money.

We know that making a new FinTech idea come to life is hard but 90% of any new FinTech product or service is standard core account management. It is time consuming, detailed and absolutely critical that it’s right but will not make your new service stand out from the crowd. The other 10% is unique to you and this is what will make your new service crucial to your customers.




What we do

Trusek provides the platform and integrated services you need to create, deliver and scale financial solutions. You can launch new ideas and scale existing ones in the shortest time and with least effort. Our SaaS platform delivers all of the infrastructure of any FinTech service which is critical to its success although no one will ever see it. Our APIs then provide the tools to enable your USP to shine. The final step can be completed either using your own design team or working collaboratively with Trusek.All of our effort and experience has gone into making the Trusek Core Account Platform the most flexible, secure and feature-rich platform on which to build your new system.



Go live in 30 days

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The Trusek financial eco-system

At the centre of the Trusek Solution is the Core Account Management Platform. This manages your customers money from deposit, through any potential FX, to payments (with any applicable fees along the way). It provides hosting, security, compliance, reporting, logging and all the host of necessary functions involved in managing customer funds.

Core Platforms may be integrated to dedicated service providers for banking, payments, and compliance. As your business grows, further Core Platforms may be added and networked together and managed centrally to enable you to service more territories with different rules and different regulators.

The Trusek implementation team can also help you with your regulatory licence applications and introductions to Banks, Compliance Managers, FX Brokers and other service providers.


Account Management

Joint accounts
Company accounts
Savings, Loans & Overdrafts
Payments & Settlement

Hosting & Security

Server and firewall management
Deployment & patching
Replication & backups
Logging & reporting
API provision


Connect Multiple Core Platforms
Create a Payments Network
Single point of Management
Integrate Service providers
Provide value added services

Additional Services

EMI Sponsorship
BIN Sponsorship
Card Issuing & Acquiring
Foreign Exchange

Our partners


About US

Our objective: to help our customers put new, better and fairer financial solutions in reach of everyone.
Our Story

The inspiration for our business came in 2005 from a World Bank report stating that between 10 & 20% of all money sent home by migrant workers was lost to fees charged by multi-national companies. Having built the world’s first peer to peer currency exchange platform, to reduce the costs of exchanging currency, we felt technology could reduce the costs for cross border and cross currency transactions. In 2007, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting in Uganda, Commonwealth Business Council and the Ugandan Government, we created a card to card transfer programme to help address these issues and improve the lives of the world’s poorest communities. Today we remain committed to using our cutting edge financial technology and our team’s passion for problem solving. We want to power a revolution in financial services.

  • Integrity

    We support our employees so they can better support our customers.

  • Transparency

    In the way we work with our customers and partners.

  • Innovation

    We keep our customers at the forefront of technology and their market.

  • Simplicity

    We make complexity easy to understand.

Meet the management team

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Steve Hatton
Steve Hatton
Co-Founder, CEO
With a background in international financial development, Steve has developed a passion for disruptive technologies which provide sustainable business models within the financial sector. His work has included developing, implementing and managing new products and services.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Co-Founder, CTO
Chris has specialised in the development of software applications for use in the international banking and currency exchange sectors. His experience includes building and maintaining state-of-the-art financial systems to serve customers securely across the world.
Razia Bibi-Walters
Razia Bibi-Walters
Adviser to the Board
Razia has worked as in-house counsel for almost ten years, predominantly in the regulated sector in the UK. Today she advises a number of companies on compliance and regulatory matters and is part of the advisory board for Trusek.

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