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Improving lives through better banking

Imagine a world where banks are connected. Not just in the fairly tentative way they are now through all the third-party payment networks like card schemes and SWIFT but really connected. So they can pass rich, detailed messages of any type and where necessary, include real-time settlement with the message. What would such a world look like?

Who else will eat the banks’ lunch?

An industry has built up due to the inability of banks to work together directly. But what would happen if the banks were actually connected? With a rich, immediate communication and payment network such as the Trusek Universal Payment System, that would allow the banks to act as an industry instead of a group of individual institutions.

An upgrade for Credit Unions and Community Banks?

An upgrade for Credit Unions and Community Banks?Credit unions have been a hot topic for me this week. I have had two completely independent conversations with people about them. On Tuesday night I met a chap from the US at an investor summit who mentioned he felt the…

Does PSD2 have to be complicated?

Does PSD2 have to be complicated? There has been a huge amount written about PSD2 recently and much of it appears to be, with the greatest respect, over complicating the issue. Very fundamentally, to provide for all of the requirements of PSD2, we have three…

Banking on a pre-paid card platform

  Banking on a pre-paid card platform In recent years there have been a significant number of new “neo-banks” or “challenger banks” launched with much hype, here in the UK. Many of these appear to have been brought to market quickly, on the back of a pre-paid...

What will replace the card schemes?

  What will replace the card schemes? There has been much talk recently about how card payments will replace cash altogether in the future. I have talked previously about my opinion that the card schemes (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc) are past their sell-by date...

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