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As one of the new breed of financial innovators, Trusek can provide the SaaS technology you need. We can help you accelerate change, transform your operations, launch new products, and deliver a new kind of customer experience.

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We are a UK-based team of engineers and technology specialists with a 12 year track record of developing and delivering software and technology to the Fintech and Payments sectors. We have worked with some of the most exciting start-ups to deliver new kinds of challenger financial technology.

We deliver a flexible, collaborative approach which creates the right technology solution to support financial business via a flexible, modular SaaS-enabled application platform. It gives you access to a proven suite of modern banking and financial services technology at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time it takes to create an in-house solution.

Trusek modular software and platform infrastructure is used by marketplaces, lenders, banks, bank-tech providers, e-money companies, remitters/forex brokers, charities and communities – it can provide a major boost for any organisation that needs to accept, manage and send value. It enables them to scale up from today’s needs with a rich functionality that supports:

  • Payments Received – from multiple inbound sources
  • Payments Management – multiple currency; reconciliation and reporting; interfaces, card to card transfer
  • Payments Out – payroll; foreign exchange settlement; bank transfer capability
  • Third-party integrations – acquirers, processors, compliance

This allows customers to create and manage propositions that accept and make payments including:

  • e-Wallets and current, deposit, credit accounts
  • Full loan facility including managing multiple products and lending sources
  • International value transfer
  • Payroll management
  • Funds disbursal
  • Prepaid and other cards and vouchers

Trusek Overview

Platform Features

Proprietary technology

An application platform continually developed over a 10 year period in conjunction with our customers. Delivered as SaaS to provide a flexible, agile solution with all the complexity normally associated with blue chip suppliers at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house.

With no dependence on external providers, bespoke solutions can quickly and easily be developed.

Empowering innovative financial service providers to transform their business and expand into new markets with new products.



Designed with full flexibility around a core platform to which additional modules can be implemented depending on client’s products and market sector.

This creates a cost effective solution that can scale according to business requirements.


Multiple account types

Supports multiple account types in a single platform Current, Savings, Mortgage, Loan, and Prepaid.

Giving a business a full 360° view of its customer’s financial position.

For your customers all their accounts are available to view and transact from one place.


Credit/Debit & Pre-paid cards

A full card management system including closed loop cards can be incorporated into the platform issuing scheme.



A unique single-view account, holding multiple currency balances with a net available balance being the sum of all currencies held converted to home currency.

  • Load in any currency.
  • Easily convert from one currency to another.
  • Real-time Currency balances.
  • Spend in any currency even if there’s not sufficient balance in that currency.
  • Individual currency balances can go into negative so long as the Net Balance remains positive.

With anytime/anywhere access to the account this provides customers complete control over Foreign Exchange.

Spot, Limit and Forward currency exchange

Give your customers the tools to manage their currency exchange in a way that suits their requirements.

Margins can be set per customer, currency pair and size of transaction.

Finance and Lending

Full Loans programme to enable multiple loan products to be created, configured by funding source, risk assessment, loan type and guarantor.

End to end account management from application to end of loan cycle with communication tools to stay in contact with customers.

Multiple interfaces to enable online, face to face or telephone interaction with customers.

Solutions that will manage the costly and time consuming elements of the business to enable you to focus on growing your business.

Flexible Customer fee structure

Infinitely flexible and configurable fee structure enabling customer fees to be set at account type, transaction type, source, “on us”, “third party” and managed in real-time depending on the entities involved in the transaction.

All entities involved in a transaction will receive their split of the fee in real time, viewable on their statement saving time by eliminating monthly invoicing and payments.

Double entry accounting

The system has double entry accounting built into its core ensuring full audit trail of all transactions and ease of export to external accounting systems.

Multi-channel access

Public, Admin, Call Centre, Merchant interfaces.

Separate interfaces enables greater security and better control of user functionality.

Multiple levels of user authority and permissions tailored to fit your business processes.

Giving your customers anytime/anywhere access to their accounts via online, mobile, call centre or face to face.

iPhone and Android apps

Mobile apps give customers full access to accounts anytime/anywhere with full account functionality.


Build your own private label global network

This brand-building mega-platform allows our customers to create a feature rich networked capability linking proprietary or other international payment or card networks, operating across and between disparate customer environments and their third parties or partners.

Delivered as a central platform to set and manage rules by customer, partner, country and currency Connections provides a transparent, cost effective method of managing a global network with full visibility, management and control, inbuilt.

This service supports a comprehensive range of financial services that provides an instant, low cost funds transfer capability between connected customers with a scalable ability to easily plug-in and activate new services from new providers, all via a single point of integration.



Complete eco-system
Connects platforms to other platforms, both private and external, card schemes and national Switches for interoperability.
Not limited to banks this can bring Mobile Network Operators, Charities, Micro-finance, P2P platforms into the network.
Instant funds transfer
Facilitates instant cross border P2P transfers, cross platform, card-to-card, account-to-account, mobile-to-mobile.
Plug in additional services
In addition to connecting financial platforms third party suppliers can be integrated to provide services to Connections customers. This could include FX, Compliance, Acquirers.
Add Value
Value Added Service providers can also provide services through to client platforms to increase the offering to their customers to add additional revenue streams, extra value and generate customer loyalty.

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