User cases

The Trusek SaaS platform is modular by design which allows us to deliver a highly personalised solution unique to each customer’s requirements. Here are some user cases to show how our powerful technology can be deployed.

eMarketplaces and eCommerce

Any online environment that needs to receive payment or funds from or on behalf of the marketplace users/vendors, manage those funds and then make onward settlement to the vendor or supplier.

Features include multiple currencies, integrations to multiple payment types and smooth operating processes.


Users will have an online account to store contracts, view transactions and manage their funds.

P2P Lenders

Single environment providing applicant onboarding, data feeds for underwriters and management and distribution of loan funds to the borrower locally or internationally.

For genuine P2P lending platforms it will enable both lenders and borrowers to have an online account which will keep track of their borrowings/lending/payments/status etc.


Operational streamlining and immediate disbursement to bank account or other channels (e.g. agents)


Offering a wide range of banking facilities including current and savings accounts, loans and mortgages, card programmes, microfinance, FX and wallets. This is the complete solution for start-ups and challenger banks.


Smart businesses know they need to adapt and innovate but complex legacy IT structures can make it hard to do. With Trusek you get access to the latest banking technology at a fraction of the cost and complexity of building in-house.

Banks tech provider / partner

Existing provider of technology or other transactional services to banks looking to diversify or improve upon their current service.


Connect to Trusek’s platform to deliver modular services to enhance your offering without large-scale development or investment to service your customers’ needs.

e-money companies

Entirely compliant proven e-money platform successfully deployed in support of regulated e-money companies. Delivering immediate launch and supporting upgrades. Inbuilt functionality to deliver and further develop the customer’s proposition whilst remaining compliant with changes in regulatory frameworks.

Immediate integrity with FCA or other regulatory body’s application – we take care of the entire technology infrastructure; customer manages sales & marketing and proposition functions – Trusek powers the rest.


Trusek has experience of and can assist with the IT requirements of the e-money application process.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Customised to fit your business and with unique features to boost your competitive edge, the Trusek currency exchange and payments platform is a low cost, high tech solution for established currency brokers and new entrants.


Unique single account holds multiple currencies and dynamic single net balance created in real-time.


Whether receiving and managing donations or supporting value disbursal to teams in the field the Trusek platform handles the flows. Supporting access to local as well as international methods of funding and disbursal.


By managing the collection and disbursal of funds entirely through electronic means a full audit trail of funds flow is provided thereby eliminating leakage.

Communities & Credit Unions

The same technology banks use with no infrastructure costs. Highly flexible and scalable solutions that grow your business. Launch, manage and service loan, savings and payment products in the fastest, most flexible and cost effective way.


With Trusek you have access to the same level of technology that banks use without the investment costs but with highly flexible and scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Money Transfer Operators

An Online platform with Customer, Call Centre, Agent/Branch and Admin Interfaces to manage customer onboarding, KYC/AML, automated FX dealing process and unique multi-currency accounts.

With multi-channel access to give customers anytime/anywhere access to services


A single environment to monitor and manage Branches and Agents enables rapid expansion with minimal expenditure while also ensuring full compliance of network for regulatory purposes.

Lending and Business Finance

A fully configurable loans platform providing multiple loan products from multiple lending sources with full end to end account management. This also incorporates enhanced tools for application processing to assist underwriters and account managers.

Oversight of customer’s financial situation improves ability to build long term relations.

Customer interface allows viewing of account status and availability of ongoing funding to better manage their finances.


Operational streamlining will improve application processing and management of accounts to provide a better customer experience which will result in long term business relationship with customers.


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