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The majority of Payment Systems in the world are disparate, built on varying messaging standards, archaic, complicated and are not designed to cope with the advent of IoT and the increasing traffic volumes that the digitisation of FinTech will generate.

The Problem

Expensive: The card schemes haemorrhage money through fraud, PCI DSS and fees. Joining one of the existing payment networks will cost between £100,000 to a £1M (assuming that you get accepted)

Opaque: if a payment goes missing or is held up by a correspondent bank it can take months to get it returned

Slow: it can take a week to send a payment from the UK to Turkey, for example

Resource intensive: many of the systems are not well connected or even require re-keying of data

Complex: many different payment networks based on type of payment or card or geographic distance between institutions. Complex message structures like ISO8583 & ISO20022

The regulators and incumbent parties are trying to address this by committee, the result of which will be tinkering of the existing systems designed to protect vested interests and will result in more of the same

No one seems to be looking hard at the card schemes

Ant Financial are coming. (ready or not)

The Solution

A single system that:

  • Can fulfil the capabilities of all of those that have gone before. Including: SWIFT, SEPA, BACS, CHAPS, FPS, Visa, MasterCard, ACH and RTGS
  • Is operated by the banks in cooperative competition
  • Is based on clean modern APIs and IT standards to aid integration (HTTP and JSON, not ISO and XML)
  • Aids KYC and AML but allows banks to apply their own rules or those of their regulators
  • Is real time and includes settlement with transaction
  • Fundamentally reduces fraud through good architecture
  • Does not allow a payment to go missing or disappear

There are literally trillions of dollars invested in third party payment networks around the world. All of which must be paid for by the banks and their customers.

Let’s not make the same mistake again.

The Trusek Unified Payments System is NOT a third party payments network.

It is a piece of technology that allows banks to act cooperatively and in competition to form a network.

Universal Payment Network

The Benefits

Everyone  Instant payments anywhere in the world: fast, secure, safe

Transaction partner

Access to payments

Reduced cost of entry

Reduced cost of payments

No separate settlement and reconciliation

Reduced losses through fraud


Network partner (settlement bank)

Revenue from transactions and currency exchange

Shared revenue from connected Core platforms

Additional services provided to transaction banks through the Node

Agency banking, loans, connection to card schemes and other payment types


No PCI-DSS means massive savings in money and hassle

No POS hardware costs

Reduced fraud costs

Improved liquidity


Account holder

Peace of mind from additional security

Mobile based shopping (no need for cards)

Receipt with transaction

Instant (correct) payment notification

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