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Trusek Digital Wallet Datasheet

Learn more about how the Trusek Digital Wallet can be offered as a closed-loop, private label wallet or supported by card scheme acceptance. It comes with a range of features which can be customised to fit the unique needs and usage patterns of individual consumer groups. At the heart of the wallet is the unique Trusek multiple currency account. It gives the consumer multiple currency balances PLUS a real-time single net balance converted to the home currency.

Trusek Banks and Finance  Datasheet

Learn more about how the rise of internet and mobile, means the idea of the traditional bank is becoming less and less relevant, as a new generation of financial services innovators challenge the status quo. The Trusek platform offers a wide range of banking facilities including current and savings accounts, loans and mortgages, card programmes, microfinance, FX and wallets – this is the complete solution for start-ups and challenger banks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of developing in-house.

Trusek Foreign Exchange (FX) Datasheet

Learn more about how the Trusek platform is designed and developed to meet the specialist needs of FX Brokers, Money Service Businesses, Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and FinTech innovators. It can be personalised to suit your business requirements, models and processes to deliver a superior service, great customer experience and robust cost management – all critical elements of being able to compete effectively and efficiently.

Trusek Loans and Business Datasheet

Learn more about how as a Community Bank or Credit Union you can access the same level of technology that banks use without the investment costs, but with highly flexible and scalable solutions that will grow with your business. The Trusek platform makes it easy to create new loan, savings and payment products and bring them to market quickly, allowing you to configure by funding source and/or risk assessment, by loan type or by customer or market demographic. It is the fastest most flexible, cost effective way to expand your product offering and grow business.

Trusek Corporate Presentation

Learn more about how Trusek is a technology company that offers a SaaS platform for all players in the Fintech sector, from start-ups to major institutions. Our digital finance and payments platform provides a complete 360° view of your business with access to advanced features normally only available to major institutions.

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