The Trusek digital finance platform can help you accelerate change, transform your operations, launch new products and deliver a new kind of customer experience.

Digital wallet

The Trusek Digital Wallet can be offered as a closed-loop, private label wallet or supported by card scheme acceptance. It comes with a range of features which can be customised to fit the unique needs and usage patterns of individual consumer groups. At the heart of the wallet is the unique Trusek multiple currency account. It gives the consumer multiple currency balances PLUS a real-time single net balance converted to the home currency.

Streamlined Account creation

Streamlined onboarding process including KYC/AML checks and  document uploading mitigating abandonment and dropouts.

Multi-currency account

Single view multi-currency account provides consumers with convenience, cost savings and a speedy checkout.

Multi-channel access

Access the account online, through Call Centre or Mobile to send or receive funds instantly providing convenience and control anytime/anywhere.

  • Customer account creation including onboarding, anti-money laundering/KYC checks.
  • The single view multi-currency balance provides customers with cost savings and great convenience.
  • Full suite of User interfaces for Management, Call Centre and the Customer.
  • User permissions and activity logs can be customised for full security and control.
  • Suite of tools for reporting and reconciliation giving transparency and control.
  • Mobile friendly via Apps for anytime/anywhere access.
  • Facilitates regular / recurring payments.


Consumer Benefits
  • No more card Verification stages to complete.
  • Full, easy to use “My Account” interface they can access how and when they want to.
  • Speedy, hassle free payment process at checkout.
  • Completely eliminates the risks of using debit/credit cards online.
  • Instant pay in/pay out – no waiting for funds to clear.
  • No more forced conversions by third parties – all transactions happen within local currency.
  • Store funds, send and receive money internationally at the lowest costs.


Merchant Benefits
  • Immediate settlement of funds.
  • Optimises customer conversion rates.
  • Less fraud risk.
  • Reduces chargebacks.
  • Reduced transaction costs compared to traditional payment methods.
  • Ability to develop new revenue opportunities via complementary affiliate programmes and third party alliances.


Banks and Finance

With the rise of internet and mobile the idea of the traditional bank is becoming less and less relevant as a new generation of financial services innovators challenge the status quo. The Trusek platform offers a wide range of banking facilities including current and savings accounts, loans and mortgages, card programmes, microfinance, FX and wallets – this is the complete solution for start-ups and challenger banks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of developing in-house.


Multi-channel functionality

Supports Virtual, Retail, Telephone and Mobile Banking with current, savings, loans, prepaid and other card programmes, FX and e-wallets.

Comprehensive Administration

Interfaces to support Call Centre, Branch/Agent and Admin with multiple levels of authorisation and user permissions to fit your business requirements.


Highest levels of security

Fully PCI DSS & KYC/AML compliant with IDV/Sanctions/PEP checking, using industry leading Thales HMS for encryption, 256bit encryption on all messages.

  •  Multi-channel functionality supports Virtual, Retail & Telephone banking.
  • Comprehensive administration functionality with multiple levels of authorisation and user permissions tailored to fit your own business processes.
  • Separate interface for Call Centre support, Branch and Agent networks.
  • Set appropriate levels of user access and visibility.
  • Users can register and on-board new customers.
  • Identify and verify existing customers, complete transactions and answer account queries.
  • Highest levels of security & fully KYC/AML compliant.
  • Industry leading Thales HMS for all encryption.
  • 256bit encryption on all messages.
  • PCI/DSS compliant.
  • IDV & Full sanctions/PEP list checking for on boarding new clients.
  • Ongoing AML monitoring.
  • Rules based transaction monitoring & reporting.


  •  The SaaS based model supports full range of accounts and delivers a wide range of banking facilities including current & savings accounts, loans & mortgages prepaid and other card programs, microfinance, FX and e-wallets.
  • No in-house development results in a rapid deployment of new products.
  • We provide a consultative approach to capture your requirements in order to deliver a fully personalised solution.
  • Our modular design provides flexibility where you can choose to implement only the functionality you need or have access to the full end-to-end solution thereby reducing overall cost.
  • Easy integration with 3rd parties, build customer loyalty and enjoy new revenue streams by deploying value added propositions.
  • Intuitive, simple to use interfaces with easy access to all the tools you need to run your business with minimal training or support.
  • Complete transparency & control with full reporting suites for reconciliation and settlement and robust double-entry accounting.


Foreign Exchange (FX)

The Trusek platform is designed and developed to meet the specialist needs of FX Brokers, Money Service Businesses, Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and FinTech innovators. It can be personalised to suit your business requirements, models and processes to deliver a superior service, great customer experience and robust cost management – all critical elements of being able to compete effectively and efficiently.

Specialist FX software

Designed and developed to meet the specialist needs of FX Brokers giving access to the market leading Trusek multi-currency account. Supporting an automated KYC/AML and multiple interfaces for Customer, Call Centre, Branch/Agent & Admin.


Multi-channel, multiple trading options

With multi-channel access for customers. Set rates by Consumer, Currency pair and Trade volume with Spot, Limit and Forward trades giving full flexibility and control.


Single Multi-currency account

Single account holds multiple currency balances with a single dynamic net balance with new currency balances created in real time, with the option of multi-currency cards.

Consumer features
  • Access to the market leading Trusek multi-currency account.
  • Customers can access their account 24/7.
  • Simple user interfaces provide instant multi-channel account access by smart device, PC/laptop, in branch or telephone.
  • Single account holds multiple currencies and dynamic single net balance.
  • New currency balances created in real-time.
  • Supports automated booking, spot, limit & future trades.
  • All trades are recorded in real-time.
  • Multiple load and payment mechanisms.
  • Automatic future payments.
  • Multi-currency card option for greater convenience and cost saving whilst abroad.


Your business features
  • Reduced operating costs & the ability to maximise revenue.
  • Peer to peer matching option for more competitive exchange rates.
  • Fully configurable rate setting by individual customer, currency pair and trade amount.
  • Straight through rate enquiry and booking allowing customers to fully self-service.
  • Manage your treasury operations.
  • Automated KYC/AML procedures for fast, efficient customer on-boarding.
  • Currency Auction platform for enhancing customer engagement.
  • The single-view multi-currency account will boost customer retention and acquisition with our unique, dynamic, easy to use, truly multi-currency account where they can hold multiple currency balances in one account, view all their currency balances at a glance and their real-time single net balance 24/7.
  • Reduce setup and operating costs with cutting edge currency management and the ability to provide service without the boundaries of time and geography.
  • Customer on-boarding process is automated from registration, through KYC/AML to account set up providing a great experience for them and low cost, streamlined operations for you.
  • An automated solution means being open for business 24/7 when others aren’t and at the time customers want to do business.
  • Empower customers and encourage loyalty by providing choice such as providing them access to their accounts in a way that suits them – by smart phone, Laptop/PC or tablet.


Loans and Business Finance

As a Community Bank or Credit Union you can access the same level of technology that banks use without the investment costs but with highly flexible and scalable solutions that will grow with your business. The Trusek platform makes it easy to create new loan, savings and payment products and bring them to market quickly allowing you to configure by funding source and/or risk assessment, by loan type or by customer or market demographic. It is the fastest most flexible, cost effective way to expand your product offering and grow business.


Multi-channel functionality

With Online, Branch/Agent and Mobile interfaces expand your business with minimal investment and without the limits of time and geography.

Fast track account opening process

Streamlined account application process with multiple levels of authorisation for loan instigation and authorisation and viewable workflows to help manage assigned tasks and application status.

Fully configurable reporting suite

Manage and understand your consumer’s up-to-date financial status and complete loan portfolio and report to external funding sources.

  • Multiple levels of authorisation for loan instigation and authorisation.
  • Back-office user permissions can be customised to fit business requirements.
  • Viewable workflows help manage assigned tasks and application status.
  • Fully configurable reporting suite to manage and understand your complete loan portfolio and report to external funding sources.
  • Robust double-entry accounting for additional security, checking, flexibility and full interoperability with external accounting systems.
  • Staff have tools to do the job with customised levels of access and visibility controlled by you.
  • Empowers them to process and authorise account applications, manage KYC processes, answer customer account queries and order statements.
  • Process transactions on behalf of customers.
  • Create separate loan products for each separate funding source, by customer risk assessment, security or guarantee, individual or group or by type of loan.
  • Maximise revenue by increasing product offering via third party partners & suppliers.
Consumer benefits
  • Easy to apply for services and access 24/7 via multiple channels (smart device, PC/Laptop, branch, phone).
  • Simple application process and document upload.
  • User friendly and intuitive interfaces.
  • Easy payment options through local agents.
  • Ability to set up and manage regular payments, automatic transfers and bill payments.
  • Generates a verifiable credit history to give them easier access to other financial products.
Your business benefits
  • Reduce operating costs and save time by automating manual processes.
  • Speed up application processes by reducing inaccurate and incomplete data.
  • Loans can be issued on a card to reduce cash management.
  • Expand your market reach by building market awareness more effectively with an online presence.
  • Access new markets via affiliate programmes.
  • Technology enables agents to operate remotely.
  • Register customers and distribute loans in the field.
  • Customers can make payments via POS terminals or Agent interface.
  • Communicate with your customers by email/SMS.
  • Manage your business with control, transparency & professional processes.
  • Launch and market new loan & savings products quickly and easily.
  • Any approved third party can be fully integrated to provide value added services to your customers and to provide you with the potential for additional revenue streams.


Whether by partnership, acquisition, joint venture or alliance, businesses have always looked to align themselves strategically with other businesses to increase capability and market reach. Trusek Connections networks multiple platforms together (including other financial service providers) enabling customers to operate, manage and grow their business by creating their own proprietary network. This delivers complete interoperability though a controlled and cost-effective approach.

Feature rich private label international network

Connect a broad range of disparate customer environments to create a cost effective, interoperable International network supporting a comprehensive range of financial services.

Full visibility, management and control

With multi-channel access for customers. Set rates by Consumer, Currency pair and Trade volume with Spot, Limit and Forward trades giving full flexibility and control.

Integrate multiple service providers

A single integration into the Connections Platform by Third Party Service providers can be offered to all Customers creating a feature rich product range.

Connections provides
  • A feature rich, private label international network capability operating across and between disparate client environments and third-parties or partners.
  • Full visibility, management and control.
  • The ability to easily plug-in and activate service enhancements from new providers via a single point of integration.
  • This service supports a comprehensive range of financial services that provides instant, low cost funds transfer capability between connected customers.
  • Build your brand and global presence through a proprietary card scheme.
  • A central platform to set and manage rules by client, country and currency provides a transparent, cost effective method of managing a global network.
  • Build a partnership network to enhance the product offering to consumers while building additional revenue streams.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Banking and reconciliation.
  • Multiple transaction types (Deposit, Send Cash, Card to card transfers, Foreign Exchange).
  • Simple user interfaces for managing centralised settlement and reconciliation.
  • Centralised process for KYC/sanctions checking and AML monitoring.
  • The ability to set and regulate rules for all connected customers to facilitate ongoing KYC/AML compliance and exercise strong management control.
  • The ability to independently set rules by client, currency, country or a combination.
  • Create, operate and manage private label card scheme.
Supporting third-party services
  • Currency exchange.
  • International payments and remittance.
  • Merchant services and acquiring.
  • Visa/MasterCard Issuer processing.
  • ID&V and PEPs/sanctions checking engine.
  • Telecommunications Gateway.


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