Four Benefits of Attending The Fintech Investor Forum

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Four Benefits of Attending The Fintech Investor Forum
Innovation in financial services is an expensive project, and in a previous blog post, how should you fund your innovation project, I explained a number of ways you could use to fund your project.

The methods outlined in my previous blog post give you a number of options, but another one you may not have thought of is approaching individual investors.

At the Fintech Investor Forum you’re able to do just this.

Here is the link for the event, which will be held on November 24th Fintech Investor Forum Event, and here are four benefits of attending.

  • Numbers Are Limited:

The Forum is an exclusive event, so there are a limited number of spaces available at the event. This gives delegates more of an opportunity to interact with investors.

There will also reportedly be over 100 of Europe’s most active fintech investors at the event, so you will gain a much greater understanding of the fintech investment environment.

  • Get Ahead of the Curve:

By attending this event and speaking to the people at the heart of the fintech investment industry you will see what’s next for the sector.

What developments are coming up? How can you steal a march ahead of any potential competitors?

One section of the event is devoted solely to the outlook for fintech. Investors will be watching this to spot the next ‘Blockchain’ moment.

  • Giving You Extra Funding Options:

It’s uncertain how Brexit will affect the UK fintech sector, so it’s always good to have to a variety of options for funding your innovation.

After Article 50 is triggered and the government negotiates our position the sector will have more clarity. Until then though, the more funding options you have, the better.

As Katie Lang of the Fintech times said in a recent article, if funding dries up in the UK, fintechs in need of it will look to EU-based funds brexit and the future of fintech.

  • Providing You With Contacts Who Are Experts In The Industry

Leaving the EU presents the UK fintech industry with challenges beyond uncertainty.

Once we have left it is likely that to gain access to the EU’s financial services markets the UK will still be required to meet regulations such as the upcoming Second Payment Services Directive (known as PSD2) which will be imposed.

As these new regulations come into effect it will be important for your fintech to be able to react and adapt.

Having an investor with knowledge and understanding of the industry will be priceless here, and by attending the Fintech Investor Forum you will have the opportunity to build a wealth of contacts in this space.

Getting your product to market and generating revenue as quickly as possible is key to its success, and good funding plays a major part in this.

At Trusek our SaaS platform is providing a powerful fintech solution for businesses across the spectrum, including charities and banks.

Our consultative approach is gaining traction in an industry becoming increasingly crowded.

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