Five Ways The Fintech Connect Live Conference Will Help With Your Financial Innovation

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Five Ways The Fintech Connect Live Conference Will Help With Your Financial Innovation

The UK is leading the way with financial technology, and London is now a hub for innovation.

In many cases the London tech scene is competing with, and even beating, the likes of Silicon Valley.

If you are looking to innovate in your business using financial technology there is no better time to do so.

Running from 6th to 7th December, the best of financial technology will be on show at London’s ExCel.

Attending this two-day event will provide you with the inspiration you need to kick-start your innovation project, and will help to get answers to those important questions you’ve wanted to ask about innovating in your business.

Here are five ways that Fintech Connect Live will help with your financial innovation.

1) Three Dedicated Conferences:

Financial technology encompasses a number of different sectors, so in 2016 FinTech Connect Live will involve InsurTech Live and PayTech Live.

Having the payment technology and insurance technology conferences under one roof, alongside FinTech Connect Live, means you have the opportunity to look at the fintech sector in a little more depth than normal.

2) Workshops:

On both days of the Fintech Connect Live conference there are a number of workshops aimed at providing information about the sector.

If you’re looking for a payments solution so your customers can make use of new technologies then you will want to visit the workshop running from 2pm to 3pm on day 1 of the conference, on 6th December.

As well as this great workshop on the world of alternative payments there are other industry-wide experts delivering half a dozen more.

If you understand the world of fintech you will still be able to learn some invaluable information.

3) Demos:

The demo section of the event allows you to delve into the key issues affecting the fintech industry, and to watch the technology working in real time, presented by the professionals who have built the technology.

Chris Brown, Co Founder and Director of Trusek, will be demoing our platform, which allows businesses to innovate as effectively and efficiently as possible, saving development time and costs. You can catch Chris at 12pm on 6th and 11.20am on 7th December.

4) Mentoring Clinics and an Advisory Board:

In today’s economy innovation is a buzzword used all too often, and it can be a confusing subject.

At FinTech Connect Live’s mentoring clinics you can ask industry experts for their advice by booking a 30 minute slot.

Those experts offering their assistance this year include Barclaycard’s VP of Emerging Payments, Anna Wioletta Jaworska, and Fintech Circle’s CEO Susanne Chishti.

5) Networking:

Aside from finding out more information about the industry and having your questions answered, FinTech Connect Live gives you an opportunity to network with the industry insiders, including a drinks party on the evening of 6th December.

Getting your product to market and generating revenue as quickly as possible is key, so finding the right platform to buy is important.

At Trusek our SaaS platform is providing a powerful fintech solution for businesses across the spectrum, including charities and banks, and our consultative approach is gaining traction in an industry becoming increasingly crowded.

If you would like to get in touch with us for more information about how we can help with your banking platform or proposition, whether an established bank, an emerging bank, a community bank, a credit union or even a new concept bank, email or call 020 7048 0470


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