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“At Trusek, we work to create the technology and deliver the services that are rebuilding the financial service industry from the ground up. We help businesses from start-ups to major institutions create and deliver new financial solutions – solutions that change people’s lives by putting in a better reach, safer, fairer answers to their financial needs..” Steve Hatton, Director.

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Trusek offers a SaaS platform for the Fintech sector.

Our digital solution provides a complete 360° view of your business with access to advanced features normally only available to major institutions.

Its powerful functionality, such as the multi-currency account and double-entry accounting, gives you new, flexible and more efficient ways to do business. Whatever the size of your operation, we can help you do more for your customers, while reducing your costs.

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Core Products


An own branded wallet with a unique single view multiple currency account. Simple onboarding process with automated KYC leading to greater conversion rates. The wallet creates a smooth speedy and frictionless checkout experience for consumers significantly reducing abandonment.

Banking and finance

Offering a wide range of facilities including current, savings, loan and mortgage accounts, microfinance, FX and wallets. This is the complete solution for start-up financial service providers and challenger banks, delivers a speedy, cost effective route to market.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Customized to fit your business requirements the FX service is a high value, high tech solution for established currency brokers and new entrants, with unique features to boost your competitive edge. All backed by a reporting suite providing full visibility and control for security and regulatory purposes.

Loans and business finance

The same technology banks use with no infrastructure costs. Launch, manage and service loan, savings and payments products in the fastest, most flexible and cost effective way. Fully configurable with a bespoke reconciliation model providing robust management and control. Flexible and scalable solutions that grow with your business.


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